Probably, one of the most incredible things about Macs is a variety of neat and simple apps that make your work and personal tasks fun. Handy utilities on MacBook can be a game-changer in your daily computer routine. 

Here at Setapp for Teams, we have the best job in the world: to select the most useful MacOS applications and introduce them to our users. In this post, we welcome you to check out the best utilities for MacBook Pro and beyond. The best part? You can get them all for your whole team, subscribing to Setapp for Teams collection!


Just like a real bartender, the Bartender app mingles the icons in a menu bar, but in a smart way. It helps you leave only necessary icons at hand, hiding the least used applications under one icon. The Bartender app is so minimalistic that it didn't even get an icon for itself. 

Why does our team love the Bartender? Because it helps us customize our menu bar by prioritizing the most used app icons and hide everything if needed. 

iStat Menus

For all control freaks out there, iStat Menus provides the most detailed system data in a menu bar. It's a blend of Apple Watch-like and iPhone-like indicators for literally everything:

  • Level of battery charge on your MacBook, AirPods, or any other connected devices.

  • CPU and GPU activity levels.

  • Weather, including temperature, humidity level, wind velocity, and more.

  • Moonphase, dew-point temperature, sunrise and sunset time, etc.

  • Internet connection quality.

Better see the iStat Menus with your own eyes, since it's one of the best MacBook utilities for productivity and system monitoring.


If you deal with multiple copy-and-paste operations daily, the Paste app will come in handy. This application works as a back-up clipboard for any media type: from screenshots and files to text fragments and links. It allows you to copy and paste multiple elements, so it's like a native Mac clipboard, but on steroids.

With Paste, forget about the hack with a paste of the text into an address box to get rid of text formatting. The application supports copying of the non-formatted text and text files like .docx.

One Switch

The idea of the One Switch app is straightforward. It provides you with a single interface to switch a Dark Mode, connect your AirPods, turn on a Night Shift, choose a Do Not Disturb mode, and so on.

On top of that, One Switch can magically make all the icons on your desktop disappear. It's a helpful feature when you need to take a screenshot, and your space is cluttered with files and folders. 

The One Switch is one of those MacBook Pro utilities that multiples the capabilities of the native macOS.


You don't need to invest in an additional monitor to work in multiple windows with the Mosaic app. 

Mosaic enjoys pride place among MacBook Pro utilities that replace expensive hardware with their sleek and straightforward interface. Allocate your windows in a tile-like order, customize position and size, and enjoy your work on multiple screen sizes and resolutions.


The next tool in our list of utilities on MacBook Pro is the BetterTouchTool. This app offers the advanced customization of a Touch Bar.

Let's say you need to create new functional keys, add new shortcuts, or even fix up an extra clipboard for multiple copying. With BetterTouchTool, you can do all of this and even more. You can write your widgets in AppleScript and integrate them with a BetterTouchTool.


Among the best utilities for MacBook Pro on Setapp for Teams, we could find an application that makes daily tasks fun with a simple drag-and-drop feature. See how Dropzone helps you become a productive Mac user: you create a set of frequently used operations, drag them to the Dropzone app (grid), and enjoy the app performing humdrum actions for you.

If you haven't found the action you need, you can write your own in Ruby or Python. 


The uBar gracefully replaces Dock – the key navigation point on your Mac. Out of the box, it offers complete customization of the Dock area, so you can remove unnecessary app icons, set up their view, and create non-distracting notifications with a slight glimmer.

On Setapp for Teams, you can find even more MacBook Pro and macOS utilities that extend the capabilities of the macOS and improve your productivity. Bring in the whole team to check out the variety of macOS applications for free within a 14-day trial period.