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AdGuard features

AdGuard is an app that goes beyond blocking ads on the web. A full-featured privacy assistant, it protects you from tracking, phishing, and all kinds of fraudulent activities — while also letting you regulate protection levels on your own. The app is built for macOS and works with all browsers. A powerful safety shield your Mac deserves.

Block anything annoying

Content is the king and all you really care about when browsing the web. AdGuard makes sure you get exactly what you came for by weeding out distractions. From pop-ups to video ads to banners that feel like they are stalking you — AdGuard makes it all disappear, for good.

Fast and safe browsing

Malware is not something Mac users experience often — but once detected, it’s definitely a threat to your computer. AdGuard scans websites for any signs of fraudulent activity and makes sure you stay away from it. By blocking annoyances, the app also gives you a huge browsing speed boost.

Protect your personal information

AdGuard hides your personal data from any trackers and analytical systems on the web. The app has a powerful spyware filter that can instantly identify potential threats. Whenever you’re asked to provide any personal data on the web, AdGuard makes sure it’s all safe.

Filter browsers and apps

Unlike other adblockers that act as add-ons and are limited to your browser, AdGuard goes Mac deep. The app allows you to block ads inside apps. And with robust blocking filters, you can even manually remove specific annoyances — whether it’s an in-app ad or part of a web page.

Works anywhere, beautifully

Written for macOS, AdGuard will fit your workflow, instantly. It has Dark Mode support, simple and smooth UI, and all things you love about Mac apps. When it comes to browsers, AdGuard doesn’t ask you to choose one. The app reaches beyond Chrome and Safari, letting you enjoy safe browsing anywhere.

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