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Beamer features

Beamer is an effortless video streaming tool that takes video from Mac to Apple TV or Chromecast. Unlike AirPlay mirroring, Beamer enables native streaming — so that any TV device plays your movies without glitches and complications. Pick any movie format, add subtitles, and let high-quality streaming begin.

No bias against formats

Beamer works with virtually all video formats, codecs, and resolutions, including those that support multiple video encodings. Stream to all Apple TVs with AirPlay, Chromecast of the 1st and 2nd generation, or other TV devices that have Google Cast. No need to convert any files — Beamer has it covered.

Best streaming quality

With high bitrate, Surround Sound support, and native streaming capabilities, Beamer builds an immersive viewing environment. Watch movies in the best quality — just as on your Mac’s desktop. If you’re tired of AirPlay’s mirroring bugs, this is the best replacement.

Support for subtitles

If your video contains embedded subtitles or has associated subtitle files, Beamer will detect them automatically. You can also add external subtitles in a variety of formats like SubRip, Subviewer, MPL(2), DVD, BlueRay, and more. Text-based or embedded, any format works.

Remote control

Your convenience is a priority. With Beamer, you sign up for relaxed movie watching. Pause, fast-forward, and rewind the movie anytime with Apple TV Remote. Ready to watch the next one? Double-click the Play button. Ideal plan for staying in bed as long as you like.

Queue up videos and create playlists

Movie night? Build your own playlist, queueing up a few favorite titles to watch them one by one. You can set Beamer to show all the titles of your movies right in the player window as well as remove already watched movies automatically. It will adapt, pinky promise.

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