Emulsion is the alternative Photo Manager for your Mac.

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Emulsion features

Emulsion is a photographer’s dream. A lightweight, full-featured photo manager perfect for amateurs and professionals alike, this app gets out of the way so that you can focus on what matters most: the pictures. Its seamless, no-nonsense interface, lets you apply all-over filters, update metadata, and make individual edits on albums of any size. Tagging and rating features make it easy to sort through high-volume shoots and focus on your best snaps. Built by photographers for photographers, it’s the ideal software for organizing, sorting, and touching up photos, whether you’re shooting digital or film. Emulsion is ready to be your new workstation.

Effective organization

Emulsion adapts to your perfect workflow when it comes to organizing your photo collection. You can copy photos to the app’s library or reference them at their original location. Then separate images by colors, tags, ratings, or just organize them in albums. Get as granular as you need to.

Lightbox editing

The app is built around an editor that lets you fine-tune each photo individually. This setup is equipped with a lean range of tools, each of which can be customized to meet your needs, from a clone stamp to a crop tool. This helps ensure that you don’t get lost in overcrowded toolbars, making your workflow more efficient as you master a few crucial skills.

Preset adjustments

If you’re going for an all-over effect, Emulsion’s adjustments feature can cut out the busy-work. These preset filters can beef up contrast, reduce saturation, or apply color masks to one photo or two dozen in just a few clicks. Better still, the filters are fully customizable, giving you total control over how you apply them. Plus, if you can’t find a filter that works for you, you can easily create and save your own.

Full GPS data

With the app’s GPS data tracking, it’s easy to manage favorite shooting locations and keep travel shots organized. A fully responsive map panel tracks location data and lets you assign images and albums to shooting locations. It’s perfect for remembering which beach has the perfect late-summer sunset — even if the name escapes you.

Equipment management

As your collection of lenses and camera bodies grows, you’ll find that different pieces of gear require different post-production styles. With Emulsion, you get the tools to build a digital inventory and assign photos and albums to the gear you used to shoot them. This extra layer of organization takes the guesswork out of editing, preserving your focus.

Face recognition

For photographers who take a lot of portraits, Emulsion presents a whole new layer of photo organization — face recognition. As soon as you select your subject’s face and give them a name, the app would automatically detect all images with their presence, even if they were shot in lifestyle or group settings.

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