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Folio features

Iteration is the cornerstone of the design process. Without dozens, sometimes hundreds of failed attempts, there’s no way to achieve a successful final project. But while some amount of failure is necessary, learning from each mistake is crucial. That’s where Folio comes in — this powerful version control tool gives designers a complete visual history of a project, keeps team members’ versions synced, and allows you to flip effortlessly between moments in your design history. A new kind of design workflow app, it harnesses the version control thinking behind git for designers, eliminating pointless backtracking and ensuring that you always have your most productive shortcuts at your fingertips.

Complete version history

The app provides full version history storage for any visual project. You can restore or recover any version of your project at any time. Whether you need to make a color change or get back to an earlier, better-looking layout, it’s only a few clicks away. Clear previews make it easy to navigate your project backlog, helping you pinpoint the exact version you need.

Consistent workflow clarity

Revolutionize your design pathways with the app’s handy, intuitive labeling system. By saving every edit as its own version, and naming each one accordingly, you can create a useful roadmap through your project history. This makes it easy to trace back the particular decisions or alterations that may be causing trouble down the line.

Easy git integration

Folio blends visual design with git technology, allowing you to run your project over platforms like GitHub or GitLab. This lets you collaborate with your team, regardless of distance, in real time. Timestamping features let you see who worked on an item last, and when, ensuring that you don’t accidentally edit an outdated image. Folio stays in sync automatically with the hosting server, providing a safe and secure autosave.

Access from anywhere

The app is built to ensure that far-flung collaborators don’t miss one another’s edits and updates. Plus, with cloud hosting, they can all access the same version of a project whether they are in Sydney, Shanghai, or San Francisco and work on it together in real time.

Immediate conflict detection

Too many cooks can spoil the soup, and the same goes for design projects if communication breaks down. Luckily, the app can detect if two users try to edit the same item at the same time, saving both sets of changes and sending an alert so that both participants know to resolve the issue. This helps reduce team friction and ensure that everyone’s efforts are efficiently directed.

Simple and intentional interface

The app’s beautiful, intuitive layout gives you a clear overview of your project history. You can compare individual versions in a compact side-by-side view or scroll back through a “waterfall view” of earlier versions. Minimal and easy-to-read, it always shows your work at its best.

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