FotoMagico Pro

FotoMagico Pro


A one-stop slideshow maker for Mac

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FotoMagico Pro features

FotoMagico allows to create and customize slideshows, based on pre-built story and audio snippets. With its powerful Pro version, the app is a magic wand for professional photographers and amateurs; those who’ve never dealt with slideshows before and seasoned presenters. FotoMagico narrates your story, beautifully.

Story snippets

It’s like Lego. You take ready-to-use pieces and put them together to create a cohesive whole. FotoMagico has a gallery of such pieces – story snippets, which cover opening titles, effects, split screen, closing credits, and more. No need to start it all from scratch.

In-built music library

Escape from copyright trouble by using FotoMagico’s very own music library. This slideshow maker comes with CC licensed audio snippets you can grab and drag onto a slideshow – right in the app. Based on the mood of your story, pick cheerful, dramatic, or romantic tracks.

Animation assistant

FotoMagico will make your slides move – cleverly and automatically. Choose from among multiple animation styles, customize settings if you like, and reach the perfect movements. The app adjusts animation to your image properties and style.

Customizable text

As one of many Pro plan perks, FotoMagico offers advanced text formatting options. You can insert and edit EXIF metadata such as exposure, ISO, or a date. Flexibly manage text placeholders for slide numbers and titles.

Audio marker assistant

Not only does FotoMagico offer slides and audio, it also makes the two work perfectly together. Thanks to an in-built Audio Marker Assistant, you can customize transitions, set the beats, and change volume to make your story unfold in a logical way.

Envelopes and fades

This is a killer feature in the Pro package. The app allows to make audio volume play in your favor when presenting a slideshow. Adjust music to a presenter’s speech, mute or enhance volume for specific parts – FotoMagico will support your story mood.

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