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Home Inventory

Home Inventory


Keep track of your belongings

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Home Inventory Home Inventory

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Keep track of your belongings

Digitally managing your home & belongings made possible, simple and fun with Home Inventory. It’s a full-featured catalog maker, which is used to easily store, categorize and manage all your stuff with your computer. Use this app for warehouse stock taking and home inventory control. Needless to note that this cataloguing app is especially great for managing all sorts of collectibles. Moreover, a separate iOS companion app is available outside of Setapp for remote entry and backup of your catalogues.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 3.8.6 macOS 10.12.0 required

Home Inventory features

Keep your inventory organized

Keep all your household inventory beautifully organized and easily accessible. Store the inventory in its own file. Never miss a thing, specify all needed information about your items, such as price, model, reference number, date of purchase, and etc.

Protect your vital data from others

Got some ultimate stuff which others should not see? Password protect them in a snap with this elegant catalog maker. It’s possible to password protect both the file and backup file. Protect what’s important to you!

Auto backup of all your data

Effortlessly move your files and data online. Choose which cloud service your prefer - Dropbox or iCloud Drive and create a shared folder on your computer to have all of your data automatically backed up.

Effortless and snap navigation

This home inventory software is easy to navigate. Find what you need within seconds. Navigate items by tags, locations, categories, or collections. There’s, of course, a possibility to check all your stuff in one big list.

Easy custom reports generation

Get a full picture of your entire inventory, reveal if you’re over and under-insured. Generate and save your own custom reports to a PDF file or print. Create a checklist to ensure that all your stuff is moved from one home to another.

Create custom collections

Make your own collections. Specify the collections’ default category or location. Easily attach images to a collection. In general, this collections catalog lets you value collections from the collection value itself, by the sum of values of the entire collection, or taking both into account.

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Home Inventory
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 3.8.6 macOS 10.12.0 required
Home Inventory
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