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Brainstorm and visualize ideas

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Brainstorm and visualize ideas

Capture and organize your ideas the right way with iThoughtsX, a robust mind mapping app, which was specifically created to assist with brainstorming and creating long-term plans. The app doesn’t just boast an elegant interface, but backs it up with all the features you need to excel at ideation. With just a glance, remember things that matter and all the connections between them to generate new ideas with ease. Give iThoughtsX mindmapping tool a try and find out how it feels to be a mastermind.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 9.1 macOS 10.11 required

iThoughtsX features

Get things done

Got an idea? Start with the core thought and brainstorm around it. Create all the necessary tasks along with their descriptions. Specify due dates and check on progress and updates as needed. Organize your thoughts, save them for later, remember essential todos, and generate new ideas with ease.

Import and export instantly

Never feel constrained when working with other tools, regardless of the formats they use. iThoughtsX supports all the major file formats on the market, including .rtf, .txt, Microsoft Word (.docx), .csv, MindGenius (.mgmx), MindNode (.mindnode), .opml, and more. Import and export files on the fly without interrupting your workflow.

Create with drag and drop

Organizing and sharing your mind maps with iThoughtsX is easy and straightforward. This app natively supports the drag-and-drop capability, so you can effortlessly attach photos, images, text, hyperlinks, and other items to your tasks, schemes, and diagrams as you see fit.

Find your way around in seconds

Use this beautiful, intuitive mind mapping app like any other on your Mac. With its straightforward and responsive interface, it supports all the native Mac functionality. There is no learning curve, and even the most inexperienced mind mappers can confidently start on their first project right away.

Set advanced filters

Apply specific rules to customize your brainstorming workflow. Use tailored themes, designs, and diagrams to make it look just right. Effectively sort tasks. And not least, enhance and differentiate your notes with a wide array of branches, graphics, and icons. Even when loaded with tons of information, iThoughtsX works for you.

Sync with the cloud

Effortlessly save, edit and share your maps, so you never lose any information. Once you're done with creating your map, you can download, share, and sync it to either iCloud or Dropbox. Setting the syncing up takes seconds, and your creations will be safe with just one click thereafter.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 9.1 macOS 10.11 required
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