Luminar Flex

Luminar Flex


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Luminar Flex features

The Luminar Flex plugin helps photographers and designers of all skill levels create better looking images in far less time. It allows you to take advantage of our powerful photo enhancement and styling filters while still being able to use your existing photo software like Photos or Photoshop.

Wide compatibility

You don’t have to embrace a completely new workflow. Stay with your favorite image editor while strengthening it with the Luminar Flex plugin. For Photos for macOS, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop, there are robust extra features to throw in.

Filters fitting your workflow

Edit and refine your photos with intelligent filters. Apart from common filters, there’s a pro-level enhancement collection for color correction, dehazing, removing color casts, and more. All filters are easy to search and come with recommendations on how to apply them.

Layers and blending modes

If you edit in Photos or Lightroom, you get even more options for experimenting with filters. Mix textures, images, and masks in flexible layers to enhance the quality of your images. Blending works right inside your filters for even new styles.

Looks collections

Luminar Looks are special effects catered for portrait photography, landscapes, aerial, and other styles allowing for quick, customizable edits. Flexibly adjust Luminar Looks with the strength slider or customize the filer recipe. Skylum partners with top photographers and editors to design new Looks.

Tailored workspaces

Once you know the ropes, start working with Luminar Flex workspaces. To help you speed up editing, Looks and Filters come in tailored collections for different tasks. Workspaces are your guide to solving most image problems or unlocking a new appearance.

History and comparison

Luminar Flex keeps track of all your edits. So if you want to go back and apply effects you’ve used before, there’s a history panel for that. To test the effectiveness of your editing, compare results by switching between the before and after states.

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