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Become a master of Mac hacks

If you like your Mac to be at its best and allow you to use its full potential, you want the right tools for the task. In this category, we’ve hand-picked apps that take care of tasks from unzipping and decluttering to managing your Menu bar and Dock. Browse tools in this category and build your collection of essential Mac applications for daily use.

Becoming a power user is not just about Mac tips and tricks, it’s about getting the right tools for them. While diligent study of built-in Mac apps and settings can get you further than most users, to truly be a master you need your very own set of cool applications for Macs that make you a pro at multitasking, managing complex workflows, and overcoming obstacles you come across on your way.

From managing your battery, to selective notification muting, to accessing your Mac remotely — build your set of essential Mac applications for work and play with our Mac hacks category. Some of the apps will help unlock Mac hidden features, like clearing clipboard contents or displaying full file path in title bar, others are closer to straight up Mac tricks, like the wonderful Tab Finder that allows you to easily view your open tabs as a single list and quickly jump to the one you need.

Not all hacks are created equal. Some are big, powerful solutions like a VPN or remote management of your devices, others allow for subtle solutions that still make your experience smoother and can make a bigger difference than may seem at first glance. Take PliimPRO. The app hides distractions during your screen sharing sessions. Or Trickster — an app to keep tabs on your recent files in your menu bar so that you don’t have to go look through all the folders trying to locate the last thing you worked on.

These solutions save you minutes of time during your day and, little by little, effects accumulate into a more efficient, happy, and effective workflow!

Get Setapp to flex your superpower on Mac

Building up your custom selection of Mac programs that make your Mac experience better is a gradual process. Our Mac hacks category is designed to help you on that journey by providing you with a powerful jumpstart to control your machine, your schedule, and processes in exactly the way that fits your needs.