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MacGourmet Deluxe

MacGourmet Deluxe


Collect and manage recipes

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MacGourmet Deluxe MacGourmet Deluxe

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Collect and manage recipes

MacGourmet Deluxe takes your recipes, pairing notes, and other cooking information and puts them in one convenient place. It eliminates the need to google furiously or flip through old notecards to find that one perfect meatloaf. The app is great for generating shopping lists, checking nutrition information, and planning major meals like Thanksgiving dinner. You already use digital solutions for everything from banking to staying in touch with friends. It’s time for your recipe collection to get the upgrade as well.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 4.3.2 macOS 10.11.0 required

MacGourmet Deluxe features

Easy imports

The app recognizes that your favorite recipes are probably scattered around dozens of websites, cookbooks, and cards. Its import and clipping features make it easy to save recipes from around the web and your collection, eliminating the need for tedious retyping. No matter where a recipe comes from, once it’s in the app it’s always at your fingertips.

Cookbook builder

The Cookbook Builder feature lets you add organization and structure to your recipe collection. With it, you can sort food by cuisine and course, set up sections and subsections, and create a layout that works for you. Plus, with easy PDF exports, you’ll be able to print your collection to share with family and friends.

Planning support

Cooking a big meal or preparing food for a busy week can be a real challenge. The app gives you valuable support by helping you generate step-by-step plans for efficient cooking. It can also generate shopping lists based on your ingredient list and its built-in pantry feature, saving you time and money at the grocery store.

Healthy habits

Keeping on top of nutrition is key for leading a healthy and happy life. MacGourmet Deluxe connects to the USDA’s nutritional database to provide key information about your food. You can easily check the total sodium, protein, vitamins, and other nutritional values of a recipe and adjust accordingly depending on your dietary needs.

Build your food IQ

Note-taking is key to becoming a better cook. Wine pairing went wrong? Pasta could have used another 30 seconds before you drained it? Record your impressions, tweaks, and your guests’ reactions in the Cooking Notes tab, or use them to amend the recipes. This helps your recipe book grow as your talents do, and gives you a good foundation for more adventurous cooking.

Take it anywhere

It’s not always convenient to drag your laptop into the kitchen, especially for messy or involved meals. Luckily, the app syncs to all your iOS devices, making it easy to access your recipes without taking up counter space or getting flour in the keys.

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MacGourmet Deluxe
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 4.3.2 macOS 10.11.0 required
MacGourmet Deluxe
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