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Macs are powerful but not infallible. Without proper maintenance and optimization, your Mac can quickly become cluttered, noisy, and slow. If you do just a couple of things regularly — such as cleaning out the clutter and backing up data — you’ll extend the life of your Mac and keep your productivity high. Here’s a collection of top-notch maintenance software to install on your Mac with Setapp.

Why your Mac needs maintenance

If you put too many things in a closet, even if it’s the best closet in the world, it will soon become totally unusable. Same with Macs. If you don’t clean up system clutter (old cache files, backup copies, and other “invisible” stuff), you’ll soon run out of storage. Even worse, poor maintenance may result in unexpected issues such as drive failure, network problems, freezing, and more.

By keeping your Mac in a good shape, you basically ensure you can work productively — without getting annoyed with loud fan noise, video call lags, and “low storage” notifications. You’ll also prevent things like data loss and battery degradation. So let’s see what maintenance for Mac is required.

Essential tools for Mac maintenance and optimization

Setapp curated the best Mac maintenance software collection so you don’t have to scout out system files all around your drive or spend hours trying to figure out why your Mac misbehaves. Simply install these essentials and rest assured your Mac is in good hands. Here’s what your maintenance apps should be able to do:

  • Comprehensive system cleanup. A huge chunk of all issues you might experience with your Mac can be fixed by removing system clutter. While it’s nearly impossible to find and delete all the system files manually, consider an advanced Mac cleaner such as CleanMyMac X.
  • Data backup. Scheduled backups can save your precious photos and work files in case there’s an unexpected problem with your Mac. Maintenance apps like Get Backup Pro can help you back up the whole drive or only selected files and schedule routine backups.
  • Data recovery. With a solid backup tool, the chance to lose files is close to zero. Still, a recovery app like Disk Drill will give you peace of mind — you can always bring your data back from the dead. Battery optimizer. AlDente Pro can enhance your Mac’s battery lifespan by setting charging limits. This helps avoid overheating and generally keep your battery healthier.
  • Fixing broken permissions. All files and folders on macOS have permissions. If those are incorrect, you might not be able to log in to your accounts, open apps, etc. You can try and fix permissions with Mac’s native Disk Utility or simply delegate this task to CleanMyMac X.
  • Malware finder. Macs have experienced an unusual surge of viruses over recent years. While malicious files can seriously damage your Mac’s stability, we recommend a good malware finder.

Where to start with Mac maintenance

Instead of wasting hours tinkering with your Mac settings, install a bunch of essential maintenance apps and let them do the job. We recommend starting with CleanMyMac X — this app alone will do 80% of the maintenance your Mac requires. Then, experiment with other utilities and see what works for you — they are all part of Setapp so you don’t have to buy them individually.