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NoNotify features

Choose your moments of silence with NoNotify, a menu bar app that gives you customizable Do Not Disturb settings. Pick the apps that require your focus and you won’t be disturbed while using them. It’s like NoNotify generates quiet spots for focused work on your Mac.

Create your list of “focus” apps

NoNotify is essentially a list of apps that you want to put on mute. This means nothing can interrupt your work when you’re writing in Ulysses or designing in Sketch. You choose the apps. If you want to tweak your setup, it’s easy to add and remove focus apps right from the menu bar.

Know your current mode

The only thing NoNotify always notifies you about is your focus mode status. Well, not exactly notifies — rather keeps you in the know. Just take a look at your menu bar icon. If it’s active, the Do Not Disturb mode is on, and you can start working in your selected apps without interruptions.

Define focus mode behavior

While adding an app to your NoNotify list, you can select the “Frontmost to start focus” option. This will mean the app should be active to work in the Do Not Disturb mode. If you leave it unchecked, the app will go quiet automatically every time you launch it. Choose what works best for you.

Never miss an important update

If there’s a call or an email you’re expecting, you don’t want to be unavailable. NoNotify allows you to pause the Do Not Disturb mode for 30 minutes in one click. So that whatever app you use, updates and notifications keep flowing in.

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