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With the emergence of high-quality productivity apps, many people have realized they could do their work faster and more efficiently. Maybe even go from a five-day workweek to a more flexible work schedule! Setapp provides access to the best productivity apps for Mac, all in one spot.

What is productivity software?

Productivity apps assist in producing different kinds of information — be it a report, document, slideshow, or database. The main purpose of using such software is to complete tasks with the least effort and minimum time. For example, instead of talking to five people on your team, you can share a slideshow in a chat to communicate your idea faster and more efficiently.

Since recently, productivity apps not only help with a certain activity, there’s also a huge group of apps that are meant to streamline different activities to save time. To-do lists, automation tools, and time trackers all fall into this category. Basically, you could say productivity apps are lifehack apps that can make you a better professional.

How to ensure productivity apps make you productive

In a world where literally every app promises to make you a more productive version of yourself, how do you even know they really work? Use this simple checklist to build a truly productive routine:

  • Start with the pro features. Most productivity tools have some kind of free functionality, but you’ll usually experience the long-term positive effects on your workflow with the pro features. Setapp membership gives you access to the pro plans of the world’s best productivity apps, so you can try them out without paying for numerous app licenses.

  • Know how to use it. Best productivity apps should feel intuitive — meaning the learning curve shouldn’t be too steep. However, what if you think you know how to use the app, but in fact miss the best use cases? Spend some time researching how to make the most out of it.

  • Combine apps together. Your workflow includes more than one activity. If you’re a writer, you probably do a big deal of research, editing, co-authoring, meetings, and so on — so it’s not only about writing itself. With Setapp, you can combine productivity apps into one hyper-productive workflow. There’s no limit on how many apps you can try before you figure out what works best for you, they are all yours for one monthly fee.

  • Don’t overcomplicate it. Automating tasks is a rewarding activity — but not if you spend more time trying to automate things than actually completing tasks. Limit your productivity toolkit to 5-6 apps to achieve the best results. If you feel like you’re overcomplicating your flow, track your daily activities with the Timing app — it will help understand if productivity apps speed you up or slow you down.

Where to find the best productivity apps for Mac

Setapp boasts a collection of over 40 productivity apps for Mac and iPhone, helping you work faster and more efficiently, wherever you are. You’ll be amazed at how much time you can save if you craft the right workflow with these apps!