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Expand your creative power with ProWritingAid – one app that replaces a professional grammar checker, style adviser, and vocabulary enhancement tool. Each ProWritingAid report focuses on a particular area of your writing. Some reports will provide quick fixes that will allow you to polish up a short piece of writing. Other reports will go in depth and reveal areas where you can do more to improve the clarity and strength of your communications.

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ProWritingAid features

Grammar and spelling checker

The Grammar Report is like Microsoft Word's grammar checker but with super powers. They use the latest artificial-intelligence algorithms to catch all those issues that Word's grammar checker misses, like when you wrote “affect”, but you really meant “effect”. Both words are spelled correctly, but are dependent on context. When an error like this comes up, the software will offer a short explanation about how the two words are different. This additional understanding means you can make sure you select the correct word not just this time, but every time. You'll eliminate all the embarrassing errors from your text and learn not to make them in the future.

Style enhancement tips

Most ProWritingAid users report that they use the software primarily for its writing style suggestions. We all know that there is a lot more to good writing than just correct grammar, and these suggestions are based on the same ideas you would learn in a university writing course. The style reports highlight several areas of writing that should be revised to improve clarity and readability, including: passive and hidden verbs, over-reliance on adverbs, awkward sentence constructions, overused words, repetitiveness, emotional tells and much more. These suggestions are the same as a professional copyeditor would give you (in fact many of them use ProWritingAid). You'll end up with a more effective, persuasive piece of writing as a reward.

Build your vocabulary

ProWritingAid is also a world-class vocabulary enhancement tool. The Word Explorer and Contextual Thesaurus help you find the most appropriate words to get your ideas across. Use the reverse dictionary and thesaurus to explore possible word replacements, pick those that resonate the most, and expand your vocabulary.

Overview of your document and personalized reports

ProWritingAid’s Summary Report provides you with an overall view of your document. With handy stats to help your productivity and key recommendations that will make the biggest impact on your document, it shows you the whole picture. Learn which areas are your strongest at, and which need a bit more work. Improve your writing and get your ideas out there.

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