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Securely connect to a remote Mac

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Securely connect to a remote Mac

Remotely work with any computer regardless of your location. With this robust screen sharing tool for Mac it becomes possible. Give it a second, and Screens will connect you to any computer no matter where it happens to be. You may be enjoying a sip of coffee in the neighborhood cafe or exploring something unique in the other part of the world with your laptop and still get to your home computer and all its stuff within seconds.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 4.9.4 macOS 10.12 required

Screens features

Multiple Displays Supported

Use all the screens of your remotely connected computers. With the supporting Screens Connect screen sharing app, you gain access to all the stuff of any computer you configure for remote access. Just like sitting in front of it. Effortlessly use your machines from anywhere and enjoy all the advantages of wireless remote control.

Recent connections + Curtain mode

Access your home Mac or PC remotely, from your ultimate Mac on the same local network, or being a thousand miles away. Browse all recent connections and found devices within seconds. Use the secure Curtain mode, which obscures your remote machine’s display.

Quick connect for friendly assistance

Your not tech-savvy friend asks to help with their computer, but you’re not around? Access your friend’s Mac or PC as a guest, or let your friends set up their machines to be always available for connection. To be honest, this works especially well with grandparents, if they don’t bother doing the tricky stuff.

Custom keyboard shortcuts

Some system keyboard shortcuts interfere with the ones you use in Screens? The app allows you to configure alternative keyboard shortcuts. Set up once and forget about keyboard conflicts, especially if you use your Mac to connect to a PC. Stay in control of your key bindings, no matter the connected system.

Blazing speed + Disconnection actions

Needless to say, Screens initiates new connection sessions nearly instantly, while providing dependable performance, even on relatively sluggish networks. The latest VNC engine is snappier and more trustworthy than the previous versions. But even if you get disconnected, set up the actions to be triggered when it happens.

File transfer with drag and drop

Share and accept photos, links, lines of code or text + other stuff directly between yours and the connected computer. Take advantage of your clipboard to seamlessly transfer files. Easily drag and drop between computers, just like between ordinary windows on a single machine.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 4.9.4 macOS 10.12 required
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