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Getting started with Mac security tools

If you are like most people, you have a lot of data on your Mac. To keep all of it secure and protect from unauthorized access, you'll need to implement solid security practices and employ reliable security tools.

Using any type of digital device with important data on it comes with the need to manage numerous threats, so how do I make sure my Mac is secure, you ask yourself. While you might not need a dedicated antivirus for Mac, you'll want to scan it for malware once in a while. This is why the first security app we recommend you try out in our security category is CleanMyMac X.

This cleaner app for your Mac removes junk, old files, remainders of uninstalled apps, but also has a handy malware removal tool. MacOS rarely encounters viruses, so you probably don’t need to panic-search how to scan Mac for viruses or look through Mac antivirus software lists. Malware is a more popular threat, so why not have an app for scanning your Mac for malicious files on hand?

Fortifying your Mac security and privacy

Making sure your data is protected means monitoring all possible points of entry — from protecting your internet traffic with a VPN to using a secure mail client, keeping your passwords safe, and using two-step verification for important accounts.

With Setapp, you don't have to worry about selecting tools to protect your Mac. Everything you need is in this category, so just browse the apps and build your very own privacy and internet security software kit in no time!

Which Mac security app to choose?

Instead of googling things like, ‘Is [insert name of an app] trustworthy?’ and spending hours trying to find reliable and safe security tools for your Mac, you can simply explore the tools Setapp hand-picked for your security and come back to this category whenever you need more.

To get you started, we recommend the above-mentioned CleanMyMac X, a VPN, and a secure mail client (Canary Mail). And to make sure you are utilizing your Mac’s built-in security settings to the fullest, get Pareto Security, an app that checks your device’s security settings and alerts you to any that are not used at the moment but could improve your security if switched on!