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Shorten URLs

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Shorten URLs

Short Menu is a missing utility your Mac desperately needs. It’s an URL shortener that works in the background — ready to shorten a long URL and send it directly to where it’s needed. You can shorten from the menu bar, or even let the app capture and shorten URLs on its own.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 3.0.9 macOS 10.11 required

Short Menu features

Quick access from the menu bar

The URL shortening feature along with custom accounts you add is made available from the menu bar. This is how Short Menu justifies its name and makes things easy for you. Copy the link and click on the app’s icon — the shortening part will be done automatically.

All your accounts united

In the Short Menu preferences, connect the services you’re working with — it has all popular options like bit.ly, Rebrandly, and Droplr. You can even add multiple accounts for each. Next thing, you’ll be able to toggle the account you want to use at the moment right from the main menu.

Connect custom services

Something’s missing? Short Menu enables you to add custom services, without limiting your options. Feel free to connect as many as you like in Preferences — the app handles GET and POST requests, covers different encodings for POST, and can add HTTP headers flexibly.

Saves and syncs your URLs

Once your link lands in Short Menu, you can be sure it won’t be lost in the shuffle. The app saves both long and shortened URLs in the History tab, and even syncs them via iCloud. This comes very handy if you’re also using Short Menu on your iOS devices.

Auto Short for streamlined process

This is the superpower your Mac has always wanted. Once you enable Auto Short, the app will watch your clipboard 24/7, capturing every long URL and shortening it for you. The shortened version will be copied automatically and brought to you in a sec.

Quick Short with keyboard hotkeys

Once you’re ready to go mouseless, Short Menu will assist you with keyboard shortcuts. Use the Quick Short feature to record system-wide shortcuts for when to shorten an URL from clipboard, show the pop-up window, or toggle Auto Short.

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Short Menu
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 3.0.9 macOS 10.11 required
Short Menu
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