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Sizzy features

Supercharge your development flow with Sizzy, a browser made specifically for web developers. The simulation of devices in Sizzy is the closest you can come to using a real device for testing your websites. Preview your websites on multiple devices at once, organize and manage all of your web development projects on disk, and enjoy all the features and plugins made for making your developer life easier.

Your best friend for responsive design

With all the devices arranged in a single layout, you can see how your website will look on multiple devices at once. All of the actions like clicking and scrolling are automatically synced across devices, so you can easily see the big picture without switching between different devices.

Organize your web development projects

Easily organize and manage all the web development projects that you’re working on. Each project can have its own bookmarks, notes, todos, and reference links, which makes switching between different projects a breeze. You can easily activate projects in Sizzy, or quickly open them in Finder or a code editor of your choice.

Next level screenshots and videos

Take a screenshot of your current viewport (the visible area of your web page) or the entire device (scrolling capture). You can even capture the screens of all devices at once and choose whether you want your screenshots to contain device frames.

Realistic device simulation

Sizzy takes into account all the device specifications to create a realistic preview environment. From device frames to UI elements to operating systems, Sizzy makes your website match the real look and functionality of the devices you’re testing for.

Custom modes and layouts

You can arrange the devices in any custom layout (horizontal, vertical, float, etc.) — Sizzy gives you an infinite canvas for that. Or, focus on one particular device at a time. Use Full View mode to switch to a regular browser view or Zen mode to get rid of the sidebar and other distractions.

Packed with shortcuts

Save custom presets for every device you’re testing. Simulate anything from the color scheme to network conditions to device-specific gestures. A/B test your website before you even release anything. Whatever your current development flow is, Sizzy will streamline it even more.

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