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What creative apps can do for you

It’s not just inspiration that is needed to make something amazing, it’s the tools fit for the task. While your creativity might be limitless, your potential might be limited by lack of the right tools. This means that your creative software might be much more important than you realize.

Creativity tools don’t just help you work on inspiring projects, they also allow you to obtain new skills, work on projects you are proud of, and showcase your work.

Whether you are working in a creative field or just looking to express your inspiration with apps, these tools are your reliable hub for processing visuals, managing files, creating and editing, and turning your concepts into real-life magic!

Creating through multimedia

If you are looking for creative apps to help you make amazing works in photography, video, or sound, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve carefully curated this category to fit your needs when it comes to working with multimedia, managing and editing your work, and sharing your breathtaking end result. Let your work inspire and apps in this selection become indispensable daily helpers.

Creating through design

Picking colors, making GIFs, converting images to icons, developing your own font, measuring your design down to a pixel — all of these and more are things designers do daily. And these are the tasks your creativity software collection should be able to tackle. With this in mind, we added these and more apps for creativity to this category, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need.

Create with Setapp

Creativity is a personal experience that brings joy and fulfillment. This means creativity apps can add much value both to your work and your hobbies and projects. And the best creative apps provide you with smooth tools to let your imagination wander while relieving you of the stress of getting the nitty-gritty of your creative ideas done.

In this selection of apps we’ve gathered for your above, you’ll find handy solutions to help you work with images and colors, manage and create fonts, work with video, and more tasks to prompt your creativity and give you the tools and canvas to work with. Find the ones for you and get to creating!