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Curate content beautifully

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Pile Pile

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Curate content beautifully

Guilty of saving content on countless platforms only to never get back to it again? Add them to a single Pile! This handy app makes your content curation infinitely more usable — save articles, links, photos, notes files, and more in one place.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.3.2 macOS 12.0 required

Pile features

Save items for later

Let Pile take good care of the articles, pages, and items you want to save for later. Pile everything up in the app and organize easily with its handy tools. Curate, share, manage, and search content you saved.

Organize items in Pile

Easily manage your items with drag and drop or long press. Create new folders, rename, or delete in moments. Refine even further by adding tags to your items.

Find items with ease

The most important part of saving something for later is actually getting back to it at some point. Pile makes that easy. On top of organization tools, the app has powerful search. And if you can only place the time when you saved something, just browse Activity!

Share and collab

Compiling a selection of most beloved local restaurants? Best spots to visit this summer in Europe? Easiest Thanksgiving recipes? In Pile, you are not only curating content for your own needs, you can share with friends and create together.

Set reminders

If you found something useful but want to read it later, ask Pile to remind you with Smart Article Reminder. Other useful features in the app are Reader Mode and offline support.

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Pile Pile - Bookmarks & Inspiration
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.3.2 macOS 12.0 required
via + 230 apps.