Sketch Export for Xcode

Sketch Export for Xcode


Take colors from Sketch to Xcode in minutes

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Sketch Export for Xcode features

Sketch Export for Xcode is an app that speeds up any design-to-production workflow. Use it to move the selected colors from Sketch as color assets to Xcode. Developers avoid Sketch licensing — they will just need a Sketch doc. Designers handoff colors and Swift code without diving into development.

Color picking made for you

Drag and drop your Sketch file into Sketch Export for Xcode. Wait a second. See the entire list of transferrable colors. There’s nothing you should do manually except for choosing the colors you want to take to Xcode. If you want to transfer all, there’s the Add All button too.

For designers and developers

Everyone on your team benefits from Sketch Export for Xcode. Developers save time on creating color assets and transferring values. Designers ensure color accuracy using custom profiles and don’t have to dig through Xcode development environment.

Customizable color profile

Sketch files use “Unnamed color profile” by default — which will also appear in your Sketch Export for Xcode. However, if you want to manage your colors in specific profiles or make them compatible with other devices, you can always switch to sRGB or Display P3 in Preferences.

Adding instant names

Another thing that developers shouldn’t worry about is color names. Sketch Export for Xcode automatically assigns natural names to the unnamed colors. This helps devs easily distinguish between colors like Black Beauty and Dithered Sky instead of dozens of nameless shades of blue.

Dark Mode ready color assets

Sketch Export for Xcode allows transferring Dark Mode ready colors along with the traditional Light Mode colors. All you have to do is enable Dark Mode in the app Preferences and add Light/Dark prefixes to the color names in Sketch. This will allow fetching both variations automatically.

Font styles export coming soon

The collaboration between designers and devs won’t be limited to colors only. Apart from color assets, designers will soon be able to transfer entire font styles which can be used as IBDesignable’s and Swift code. A surefire way to simplify Sketch to Xcode workflow.

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Sketch Export for Xcode
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