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Best personal finance and budgeting apps

Building your personal capital is not just a vapid ambition, it’s a vital part of adulting. Clipping receipts, calculating account balances, and planning out your spending might feel boring or tedious at first, but it’s what keeps your bank account healthy and ensures your financial wellbeing for years to come. Use the apps in this category to make the process easy and smooth for you.

Forming great financial habits is an essential life skill, which is why we’ve dedicated a special category to personal finance and budgeting apps to empower you on your money management journey.

The road to better money management

Buy now — pay later, get the new shiny thing, stay on trend, update your look... These and thousands of other messages are pushing your wallet to its limits. And it can be hard to keep all of your spending in your head when you are faced with a seductive new thing or experience you really want. Ever bought something you were really excited about, only to come back home and realize you had the exact same thing already lying around? Managing your receipts, tracking the stuff you already have is vital to stay on top of your spending.

But spending is not the only part of your financials that you might want personal finance software for. If you are running a business, you might want to leverage an invoice management tool. If some of your personal capital is in crypto, a monitoring app for tracking crypto exchange rates might be just what you need.

Tracking account balances

One of the defining features of great budget software is how user-friendly it is. Unless you are a professional in the field, you are better off going with tools that are easy for you to master and that you can get started with smoothly and seamlessly.

That means great user interface, simple layout, built-in calendar, visualizations for your spending are some of the features you will find in the best personal finance software.

It’s not just business that needs to keep their finances in order. Your personal finances also require some tending. And the better tools you use for your planning, tracking, and management, the less time and effort the process will require and more efficient it will be. This is why we’ve dedicated one of our app categories to the subject. We hope this category can help you save time and energy that you otherwise would have wasted on exploring budget apps, and get you right to the point — managing various aspects of your financial life to a T.