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Ratings and reviews RapidAPI

Positive reviews percentage
774 ratings

RapidAPI via Setapp

Debug and test APIs fast

Being exclusively built for macOS, RapidAPI is a powerful app for developers to debug and test APIs. It provides delightful interaction with REST services. Effortlessly get dynamic values and inline computed components in any field of your request. Plus, you’ll adore the fact that every of its options is designed with a quick mouse or keyboard shortcut access.
version 4.2.0
requires macOS 11.0 or later

RapidAPI features

Error-free client code + visualizing options

Create and test HTTP requests, get them in the text editor. No matter what you send or get, display it the way you need. The app provides web pages, images, and PDFs. Plus, there’s full syntax highlighting for languages. Avoid standard mistakes, get warned if something seems odd.

Native Mac utility which guarantees security

Since it has been developed exclusively for macOS, the API client not only feels perfectly familiar but it also ideally integrates into your existing workflow. Moreover, it will keep you safe as it’s fully sandboxed.

A set of extensions + the ability to add your own

Think this app lacks some functionality? Add new features to this helpful REST test tool with ease. You can either choose from a solid set of existing ones or design your own one from scratch with fully compliant Open API Specification and RAML API definitions.

Numerous dynamic environments supported

Organize your requests in a blink, effortlessly manage your dynamic environments. Set independent environments for better productivity. Easily turn from one server or user account to another in a few clicks. Keep multiple sessions in parallel and quickly switch between them.

Simple migration along with Pawprint Sharing

It’s easy and fast to migrate any API calls from Postman, cURL, and Advanced Rest Client. What is more, you can also export your documents back to these services in a snap. Use a shortened URL to share your request/response pairs with others.

SSL client certificates enabled

Sometimes you might need to authenticate using a certificate. It’s easy to get yours from a PKCS #12 or PEM file or pick it from the macOS keychain. Don’t worry, all imported certificates and private keys are kept in an encrypted way.

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Positive reviews percentage
774 ratings
version 4.2.0
requires :platform 11.0 or later
via + 240 apps.