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Managing tasks effectively means the best tools

Has your to-do list gotten out of hand? Are you struggling to keep up with tasks and appointments? Has your productivity and creativity taken a hit from all the stress? This doesn’t have to be the end of the world, maybe all you need is a good planner and meeting manager. Task management software can be your very own personal assistant, helping you out with your schedule.

If you are like many people, you have a lot of balls in the air with your personal projects, work, business, and tasks around the house. To keep an eye on everything you’ve planned to tackle, you might want to find a task management app or ten to help you out with all of your ambitious plans.

How to select best task management app for you

If all you need is a simple to-do list app to track five to ten items a day, you can go with something simple and easy to use, without too many additional features or tools which are likely to only make you spend way too much time managing your tasks, rather than actually doing them.

On the other hand, if you are a busy bee with meetings or projects booked from dawn to dusk, you are likely better off with a selection of task management tools, plus a tool or two for focusing. And don’t forget to schedule in those breaks! We wouldn’t want you to burn out or forget to enjoy life in between meetings, planning sessions, emails, and working.

Browse our app collection above to select exactly the tools for your needs and lifestyle, the ones that will be your magic wand to work on any challenge!

This category is designed to help you pick the right task management app (or several) that’s perfect for your workflow. As you make your choice, consider what your day is usually like and what are the weakest points in your scheduling. Do you need an app to manage all those web meetings? Try Meeter. Like to map out your big plans? Explore Marlin Project Express. Want to know exactly how your time is spent on your device before committing to a task manager? Start with Timemator.

Whichever apps you use to improve your planning and productivity, your days will be the most productive and least stressful if the tools you pick out fit your needs like a glove.