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VirtualHostX features

VirtualHostX Pro is a tool for building and testing local websites on Mac. For developers and designers, it’s a dedicated spot that helps hone their work before letting it out into the world. By installing a real Ubuntu Linux virtual machine on your Mac, VHX lets you create and test any number of local websites and web apps flexibly.

Backup and restore

Work in progress requires a good deal of flexibility. VirtualHostX Pro lets you roll back to any website version you’ve worked on before. The app backups website files and databases, providing an easy way to restore your work at any point. You can also store your VHX files in Dropbox or iCloud for easy access from other Macs.

SSL certificates covered

VirtualHostX Pro will generate a secure SSL certificate for you to use locally, or you can bring your own and use it with the app. You can also generate and use a free Let’s Encrypt certificate for your production websites. Whenever you create anything public-facing, it looks trustworthy.

Set up a default web browser

Need to test multiple websites across browsers on Mac? Make VirtualHostX Pro your default browser, and avoid the pain of switching back and forth. Once you set VHX as your default, it will always ask what browser to open whenever you click the link. You can even set specific domains and URLs to trigger selected browsers.

Securely share work in progress

VirtualHostX Pro has a great collaboration tool, which allows your friends or colleagues to have a look at your work — even when it’s still pretty raw. Shared websites that you’ve been permitted to view will appear in the VHX sidebar. All the sharing is opt-in, of course.

Have it all streamlined

Create, manage, and tweak websites with AppleScript. Use VirtualHostX Pro in your CI tests and CD pipeline testing. Have a complete control over how the virtual machine works. If you’re a power user, these things will automate your work immensely.

Enjoy uncomplicated UI

The beautiful thing about VirtualHostX Pro is that it feels like a native macOS utility. With handy status icons and tool-tips, no one gets lost. Whether you came for a one-click website or want to experiment with a complex app environment, the ease of the process will impress you.

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