Every Mac admin's nightmare is when their employees break something on their computers, trying to solve trivial tasks like data back-up. Even though Mac computers are one of the most fool-proof and safe computers, occasional issues are awaiting for users.

With Setapp for Teams, you don't need to watch over timely software updates or maintain each teammate's operating system in order. Here we've gathered a set of tools that embrace versatile computer issues, require zero maintenance, and prevent accidental data loss. 

Are you excited to learn more about nine utility apps that will get your non-technical team up and running? Let's read on.

CleanMyMac X

The gem in our collection of Mac applications is CleanMyMac X. This smart app cleans the operation memory, uninstalls nasty applications that leave their leftover files on the hard drive, and optimizes the disk space. Moreover, it provides users with valuable insights on battery usage, optimization of performance, and bulky files that take up much disk space. 

Its beautiful and sleek interface with dashboards and elegant sound alerts makes it fun to optimize Mac's space even for complete newbies. Rest assured, your teammates won't delete important files by accident with CleanMyMac X. 


AdGuard isn't your average adblocker. Its primary function is to block all kinds of annoying ads that include banners, pop-ups, and videos ads, leaving website content pristine and readable. On top of that, AdGuard clears the way for internet users, scanning the websites for fraudulent and malicious software. Also, the application protects and prevents giving away sensitive user data like user credentials, addresses, and phone numbers.

With all these features, AdGuard drastically speeds up the website performance, enhancing user experience. It's a win-win application for any team. Mac admins get internet browsing protection for their teammates, while their colleagues get ad-free websites and performance on steroids.

One Switch

Even though One Switch isn't a critically important utility app for Mac, it beautifies the interface and eases navigation. This tiny application helps keep all the switch controllers and toggles at hand. Thus, even Mac newbies can quickly find necessary functions like Dark Mode, AirPods connection, Night Shift, and more.

Also, One Switch is a lifesaver for teammates with messy desktops. In one switch, the app hides the desktop clutter and returns it when necessary. By installing One Switch to your team's computers, you'll forget about questions like "How do I connect my AirPods to the laptop?" and "I don't want anybody to disturb me while I work. How do I turn this feature on?". 

Get Backup Pro

In this section, we'll review advanced tools for file backups. Get Backup Pro is a data backup tool that provides four backup types: simple copy, clone, incremental, and versioned copies. Incremental backup helps save up to 60% of the archive and keep all necessary files in one place without sacrificing disk space.

All the applications in this list are for non-technical teams. Get Backup Pro isn't an exception. To simplify work with the app, you can set up scheduled backups that will run automatically. In this case, your teammates don't need to figure out the nitty-gritty details of data backup.

Finally, if your colleague's computer gets stolen or completely broken, that won't mean you'll lose your precious files. You can restore your data backup on any Mac, as simple as that.

Disk Drill

This Mac application makes data backups too, but its superpower is different. Disk Drill recovers files even when it seems impossible. It doesn't matter how users lose their files – by accident, data corruption, or any other reason – Disk Drill will magically restore them. 

Also, Disk Drill protects a computer from accidental file removal and recovers the files to a wide range of devices like iPhone, iPad, and even Android smartphones. 


It's easy to get lost in the sea of collaboration tools and messengers, especially in geographically dispersed teams that use different tools. Meeter solves this problem with a single interface that unites more than 30 collaboration tools in one. 

To keep users posted on upcoming events, Meeter synchronizes meetings with a native Calendar app and sends notifications with a link to join.

Our verdict: Meeter is a perfect meeting application for employees that work in remote teams and collaborate with contractors and freelancers outside their in-house team.


If your teammates often share their screens or record screencasts, they will love Vidrio. This screen-sharing tool spices up a game a little bit with the holographic effect. 

Simply put, Vidrio helps users share their screens and display the content from their frontal camera. Therefore, viewers can see the shared content like a screencast and see a faded image of a presenter in the background. It's a fun way to immerse viewers and build rapport with them without too much distraction.


For employees that prefer asynchronous communication to live meetings, Yac is the best choice. It allows teams to organize asynchronous meetings with a combination of video, audio, and screenshots. This feature keeps everyone focused on essential tasks rather than empty conversations.

A convenient transcribing feature translates voice messages to a text format for people that prefer visual communication. Also, Yac helps record screencasts and screen-sharing sessions with drawings and voice comments. Finally, Yac enables voice messaging to avoid distracting and unexpected calls. 

All in all, Yac supercharges team meetings with asynchronous communication, powerful presentation tools, and exchanging voice notes to text notes on demand.