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Newton is an email app with a bunch of “superchargers” — advanced features for business communication. Schedule emails for later and get notified on the read status. Stay clear of the newsletters you never read. Snooze emails and deal with them once you’re ready, all in one sitting. Newton takes the stress out of your inbox.

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Newton features

Inbox curated by you

Newton’s Tidy Inbox helps prioritize your conversations. Set the app to show work-related emails only, and send the rest into a low-priority folder. From social media notifications to promotions, Newton removes any distractions. Think Gmail promotions — but smarter. The app tracks emails you never open and learns to weed them out automatically.

Know when emails are read

With your team using Newton, you know exactly what happens to an email after you hit Send. The app gives you read status updates by adding blue ticks to every email that has been opened. Combine it with the “Notify when read” feature to reply faster and stay on top of your conversations. Newton calls it Read Receipts, we call it genius.

Figure out perfect email moments

Get your email on top of their inbox by sending it at the right time. Newton lets you schedule emails for later to catch recipients in their email routine. Always have timely conversations — with early risers, clients in different time zones, or your boss who has a habit of checking inbox after lunch.

Catch up on what you’ve missed

Newton has a dedicated Recap section — essentially, a spot for unresolved conversations. Emails with reminders and due dates, as well as anything that needs a follow-up, will land here. No more FOMO in your inbox. With Newton, there’s zero chance you ever miss an email.

Snooze emails

Stay focused on work, Newton can put emails on hold. Its snoozing feature is like a do-not-disturb sign for Mac. No incoming emails can get through it, so they’ll have to go back and return later. You choose when. For those aiming at Inbox Zero, snoozing emails for later is a perfect strategy.

Take emails to favorite apps

Sometimes, a hipster place around the corner is better for your productivity than an office space. The coffee shop effect kicks in, and you’re getting things done faster. Same with email. Newton lets you save and share emails anywhere — Todoist, Evernote, or other apps you love.

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