Organize your Thoughts with iThoughtsX

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iThoughtsX brings mindmapping, a sophisticated way to organize your thoughts, to your Mac. Its simple interface lets you create extensive, interlinked mindmaps on any subject. Simple enough to use for personal projects, and it produces professional results that fit the workplace.

The app plays well with a whole digital ecosystem, letting you export your mind maps in a range of formats for presentation, sharing, or posting. Take advantage of its comprehensive interface to represent complex, interconnected ideas. You’ll never be hemmed in by the limitations of Powerpoint again.

Here’s how to put it to work:

Mapping ideas

The app provides a neutral background for you to lay out your thoughts. The individual parts of a mind map are called “topics”; use the buttons on the top left side to generate topics and establish relationships between them. Distinguish between different topic areas by choosing giving them distinct outlines and appearances.

Create your own mind map

As your mindmap grows, it may no longer fit into the app window. You can scroll around your map by swiping with two fingers on your Mac’s trackpad. The app also supports two-finger zoom, allowing you see the whole extent of your map or get in close to a particular group of topics.


Enhancing and editing maps

There are many ways to enhance your mind maps for readability and to embed important information.

Click the “palette” button to adjust a map’s layout style, orientation, and graphic hierarchy as needed. The buttons on the top right side give you options for customizing the color, font, and style of your topics. Use  the “calendar” button to set due dates and priority levels for tasks and topics, making your mind-map into a useful productivity tool for your whole team.

Enhancing and editing flow

Sharing Your Work

iThoughtsx excels at passing your work along. Whether you need to add a mind map to a website, distribute it to a group as a PDF, present it to an audience as a Powerpoint, or even share it with a friend who uses a different mindmapping application, you’re covered.

Click the “share” button and choose whether you want to share the whole map or just part of it. Then select the format into which you’d like to export your mindmap; the app will take care of the rest.

Share mindmaps with friends

iThoughtsx takes away common note-taking hurdles, letting you develop and explore your ideas over an entire landscape. The richer you make your maps, the more you and your collaborators can get out of them. And with iThoughtsx, you’ll have all the tools you need.

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