Organize your desktop with Unclutter app

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Unclutter is an all-in-one desktop productivity solution. It lets you take and store notes and access anything you copy to your clipboard with a simple, effective file manager. Its slick interface also allows you to customize your experience. The app stays hidden until you pull it down with a two-finger swipe or downward scroll, but you can pull panels out and keep them floating on your desktop.

How Unclutter works

By putting your files, notes, and clippings all in one place, Unclutter makes your working life easier than ever before. Let’s take a look at how to get the most out of it.

Accessing Your Window

You can access the app by clicking its icon in the menu bar. But the smoothest way to open it is to move your cursor to the top of the screen and swipe down with two fingers (or scroll down if using a mouse).

When you want to dismiss the window, just click anywhere outside of it or swipe up. The small red tab at the bottom lets you access the app’s settings.


Adding Files to Your Window

The central panel of the window is a simple file manager, just like the Finder on your desktop. To add a file, just click and drag it into the panel. If Unclutter isn’t open, just drag the file to the menu bar and release it. The app will store that file until you need it again.

unclutter add files

Using Your Clipboard

The panel on the left hand side is your clipboard. The clipboard automatically logs anything you copy using (command+c) or a drop-down menu. These clippings are stored in the order in which you copied them, but if you need to return to a clipping often, you can save it as a favorite. You can edit clipped text in the clipboard as well.

When it’s time to paste, select the clipping you want in the clipping manager, then press (command+v).

unclutter clipboard

Taking Notes

The panel on the right hand side is your notepad. You can use it to take down notes and relevant information. These notes are displayed in the order they were last edited, but they are also fully searchable by content.

unclutter notes

Organizing Your Window

The standard configuration of the app can be adjusted to fit your needs. Panel size can be adjusted by sliding the dividing lines. If you’d rather have a panel stay open all the time, you can drag it out of the app window and have it stay floating on your desktop.

unclutter organize

With Unclutter, your desktop will be more organized than ever before. Like an artist’s palette, the app puts everything you need at your disposal: files, notes, and clippings. What you choose to make with them is up to you!

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