The all-new CleanMyMac X is out and it’s impressive

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One of the most popular apps on Setapp is a powerful Mac cleaner, CleanMyMac X. Recently it was updated to its newest version and a whole lot has changed. Check it out.

What’s new (and amazing) in CleanMyMac after the upgrade:

  • 3x faster performance. What used to take minutes, now takes seconds. Full-disk scans and file sorting is done quicker than ever.
  • Malware protection. The new version sports a large database of potential threats and can find and neutralize all harmful files that ended up in your system.
  • Speedup tools. You have a special section to turn to when your Mac lags and slows down. Optimization tools will help you deal with frozen apps and excessive amounts of login items.
  • Smart assistant. For when you need a bit of advice on what to optimize on your Mac next. It’s a cute robo-face in the top right corner of the app.
  • Expanded menu app. Now your menu bar icon holds a few more handy indicators, like battery usage in %, Dropbox storage, and network speed.
  • Award-worthy design. If you enjoy well-made apps with mesmerizing animations and smooth transitions, rush to your Setapp app and take a look at the new CleanMyMac.

If you haven’t tried CleanMyMac until this moment, there’s no better time. The makeover is quite substantial and it’s now an even more complete application for Mac cleaning and protection. Give it a go on Setapp.

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