12 tools to save up to 12 hours every week

Looking for a productivity boost? Well, here are the best tools to help you to get more done in less time.

What we accomplish is limited by the time in which we have to work on our tasks. In this guide we will show you that by using the right tools it will be like having an extra day in the week.

Everyone can make time savings

How many extra hours do you need to do what you want every week? One hour? Two hours? What about if you had an extra day to use as you please. Wouldn't life be so much better? It may sound impossible but it's not. We've done it and now we're going to show you how you can too.

Time is our most precious resource. While it's true that we can't buy more time, by reducing the time spent on our daily tasks we can do so much more.

Here are 12 time management tips that helped us free up 10-12 hours every week.

1 – Discover Wasteful Habits With Timing

You sit down at your Mac to get work done. Three hours pass and your work has barely been touched. What happened?

Timing is the app that will reveal how you spend time on your Mac. It automatically tracks time spent on specific websites, apps, even documents. You can then check reports and graphs over a period of time and finally understand where your problem areas are. Before you save time you need to understand how you waste time and Timing is the best way to do it.

2 – Take Notes In An Instant With NotePlan

NotePlan saves all your notes in simple, human-readable text files inside your iCloud Drive. The text files are extremely compact and simple, therefore they can be synchronized across different devices quickly.

The beauty is that NotePlan is all about simplicity and speed. Sometimes you just want to make some notes without all the hassle and that's what this app specializes in.

3 – Outline Your Tasks With TaskPaper

If you want to make time savings then task management is essential. It will help you to organize and prioritize what you need to do. Unfortunately, some apps are so complicated that you end up spending more time organizing your tasks than actually working on them.

That's where TaskPaper steps in. It is essentially a task outliner, allowing you to quickly and conveniently note down simple tasks like you would in a notepad. Underneath the minimal design is a lot of power, including tag functionality and a reliable search syntax. But these features stay out of the way so that you can focus on getting down tasks and thoughts as they come to you.

4 – Manage Big Projects With Aeon Timeline

If you think you can tackle complicated projects with a pen and paper or inefficient tools, you're in for a rude awakening.

Aeon Timeline was created with writers in mind but its project management functions appeal to anyone looking for a powerful and elegant way to manage big projects. It creates a visual timeline to help focus creativity, structure writing, and manage tasks. Today it's rare to find an app that does it all. Normally you write in one app, outline in another, and then jump to a serious project manager to organize everything else. With Aeon Timeline you don't need to go anywhere else because everything you need is in one package.

5 – Download Productivity Apps Without Hunting For Them, From Setapp

When considering how to save time we should consider help from time saving apps. 

While there are many productivity apps out there, finding the right app can be a tiresome process. Searching through the App Store, checking reviews, comparing apps and even then it still feels like you're guessing. Setapp is a new service that creates a shortcut to Mac apps. Every app is handpicked to be of the highest quality in its category.

And that's not even the best part. Setapp uses an innovative subscription model. Remember before streaming came around how you used to buy DVDs? Well, Setapp is doing the same thing for software. A small subscription fee, which you can cancel at any time, gives you a world of premium apps right from your desktop.

6 – Calculate Problems With Numi

Have you ever picked up a calculator and realized that you don't know how to make the calculation you need? Suddenly you're pulling out old high school math textbooks and googling to try and understand how to talk to the calculator in its language.

Numi is so much more than a normal calculator. It works with calendars, currencies, temperature, volume, time zones, and the list goes on. The best thing is that you can make calculations from how you actually think of problem. You don't have to think like a calculator, simply type into the elegant interface, "$15 in Euro – 8% discount" and it will give you the answer you seek. Numi is the perfect calculation time saver.

7 – Supercharge Your Clipboard With Paste

The copy-paste function is as much a part of our lives as the drink-coffee function. We don't even have to think about it anymore. 

Copying and pasting is not perfect though. If you have some text, an image, and a web link that you want to copy to another source you need to copy, go to new source and paste. Then you have to start the process again. Also, if you copied something an hour ago but copied something after it, the first data is gone and you have to hunt it down again.

Paste perfects the copy-paste function by keeping a full history of your clipboard copying. It seamlessly integrates with macOS, showing you a preview of your copies as cards. On the card you can see the category (like "text" or "image") as well as other information like the date and even size. You can even search your copy history to find weeks old copies in an instant. Paste is a subtle game-changer. The individual time savings won't be a lot but over time it will add up and make you even more efficient.

8 – Take Control Of Your Mac With Lacona

Some apps help us to speed up our actions so that we can save time. Lacona is a launcher for Mac that takes a natural language approach. The result is a powerful app that is a delight to use. You can string together actions, like opening a specific website in a particular browser and launching your email app at the same time. If you're no longer speaking to Siri and you're tired of Spotlight, Lacona could be the tool for you.

9 – Create Task Intervals With Be Focused

No time saving tips can ignore task management. It is a great way to save time but there's more to it than that. The aim is to complete tasks, not just create them. Many task managers don't do much to help you to get things done but Be Focused for Mac is more than happy to lend a helping hand.

Be Focused emphasizes breaking up tasks into intervals for the day. It also wants you to create intervals for your non-work tasks like lunch and even checking Facebook. By creating easy to complete small chunks it makes it much easier and quicker to get through work. While the breaks help you to stay motivated and sharp throughout the day.

10 – Manage and secure website logins with Secrets

A good chunk of our working and personal lives is spent in online tools, websites, and social media accounts. Not a problem if you can remember all of your usernames and passwords, but a big time waster if you can’t. If you forget a password, you have to create a new one, which has to be strong enough and confirmed via email. Before you know it, 15 minutes have passed, and you’re still logged out. Secrets eliminates this problem completely.

The simple and secure password manager for Mac and iOS stores all of your passwords as well as credit cards, bank details, and other private information in one place. It also automatically fills logins on Safari or Chrome, so you don’t have to worry about memorizing them. If you do happen to forget a password or create a new account that needs a rock-solid combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, the app can generate a unique password for you. And the best thing of all — the only password you’ll ever need to remember is the one to login into your Secrets.

11 – Save time writing with Rocket Typist

Do you ever get that feeling of deja vu, where you find yourself typing the same text over and over again when sending emails or replying to messages? Imagine how much time you could save if your commonly repeated phrases were pre-written for quick access.

Rocket Typist eliminates boring typing tasks by keeping your most used lines of text in a simple database. Then, when you need them, you can select the right ones from a drop-down menu or, better still, have them appear automatically when you begin typing. Correspondence need never be a chore again.

12 – Bring It All Together With Pagico

Switching apps to do tasks wastes time every day. Tasks over here. Contacts over there. Files everywhere!

Pagico has created an app to bring everything together. Your meeting notes alongside an audio recording of the meeting, your itinerary right next to your plane tickets. Create as many projects as you need and any time you want you can pull up Pagico's flowchart to see everything together. The functionality, flexibility, and elegant design will save you hours every week.  

How much time can you save?

Some of the time saving apps above will save you time immediately. Others will save you time in the long run. But once these apps are part of your routine you should see almost a full day of work freed up every week.

You can use those hours to enjoy life. To get even more work done. Or maybe spend it browsing through Setapp to see what other awesome apps you can try. With over 100 quality apps in the Setapp library, and more being added all the time, there are so many amazing tools to discover.

Who knows, with all the extra time you'll have you may find that you just spend more time sleeping. And there's certainly nothing wrong with that.

For too long time has controlled us. It's time to take that control back.

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