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Holographic screen sharing

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Vidrio via Setapp

Holographic screen sharing

Vidrio takes your screencasts and screen sharing to the Tony Stark level, by putting your webcam behind your Mac’s screen. With Vidrio, there’s always a presenter, an audience, and this cool holographic screen between the two. Use Zoom, Skype, or Meet with a handy Vidrio enhancement — the app works with virtually all popular services.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.23 macOS 10.15 required

Vidrio features

Make screencasts feel alive

Your screencasts will literally involve a presenter instead of a boring tiny square in the corner. Create a screencast with your favorite screen recorder like QuickTime, and Vidrio will add your full-screen face to it. Enhance your audience’s experience with gestures and that beautiful smile of yours.

Full-screen presence at remote meetings

The problem with the traditional corner cam is that it forces us to choose what we should focus on — the person presenting or the screen. With Vidrio, choosing one thing is not necessary. You get fully immersed in a remote conversation, which feels like you’re all in the same room.

Customize opacity

Achieve a perfect composition of your screen and webcam stream by adjusting opacity in the app’s menu. A handy slider will help put the focus where it’s needed more. Turn it down and you’ll see the screen more vividly. Turn it up and you’ll catch your loved ones snooping behind your back, probably looking for cookies. Because Vidrio is also an ideal mirror!

Hide/show your face in a click

Need to put your face on mute for a sec? Easy. Hit the Pause button in Vidrio’s menu to showcase whatever you’re presenting (or when you realize you forgot makeup). Then get back in by hitting Resume. It’s walking out of the meeting room without actually walking out.

Toggle the right webcam and display

Vidrio comes with webcam and display selectors easily available from the menu. Create your perfect holographic setup by picking the best display and the best camera. If there’s not much choice, no worries — with your face going full screen, display and camera are perfect by default.

Keep settings off the screen

With keyboard hotkeys, of course. Get to know handy shortcuts for pausing/resuming, customizing opacity, and other small adjustments you might face while streaming with Vidrio. Show off your screen and your smile, but not by digging through the settings.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.23 macOS 10.15 required
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