Findings 2: Manage research projects of any size

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Setapp users not only get full access to over 100 apps for any task at hand but also every update those apps will ever release. Just like today, when Findings is becoming Findings 2, it is immediately available to everyone on the platform.

Findings is a research assistant and lab notebook in one. An app that allows you to keep your research notes safe, up to date, and with you at all times using free iOS and watchOS companion apps. You can browse your research results, recreate experiments, and publish your discoveries in the most intuitive way possible.

New in Findings 2

Findings 2 features a brand new look and some powerful features that make it an even more indispensable research tool.

Entry status and types

Now you can better organize your work by assigning it a status, whether ongoing, in review, completed, etc. You can also separate all entries in types, such as meeting or research notes, experiments, or stickies. Keep everything as tidy as it should be.


On a high level, all your work can now be organized into collections and sub-collections, making it easier to handle thousands of notes any large research project will invariably have.

PDF integration and exports

Findings 2 automatically creates PDFs of your choosing for all entries, making your work instantly shareable and accessible to others.

Community and resources

Findings 2 is now supported by a research community of your peers, including news, how-to’s, support and feedback. In addition, a new menu within the app gives you a quick access to frequently needed references, whether amino acid structures or a periodic table.

As Setapp is growing and adding new apps to its collection, it delivers more and more value over time for the same price. If you aren’t a user yet, be sure to sign up, support independent developers, and gain access to the Setapp’s ever-increasing library of solutions.

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