Shareable images of your code.

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Carbonize features

Carbonize is the easiest way to convert source code into images on Mac. The app leverages Dawn Lab’s robust editor, Carbon, and adds a few native macOS features on top of it. Get your source code into Carbonize, customize the image, and export it anywhere. Easier done than said, really.

Time-saving flow

You can’t beat Carbonize when it comes to ease of use. While web editors are a working solution, you have to open a browser and paste source code manually every time you want to generate an image. With Carbonize, life is easy. Drag a code snippet right onto the Dock icon, or right-click on your text to send it to Carbonize. The paste option is available too.

Edit images flexibly

Carbonize inherits Carbon’s superb customization features. It’s easy to tweak anything like the font, background color, theme, and spacing in your images. For convenience, the changes you apply are saved between sessions — so that your next images embrace the custom look right away.

Sharing convenience

Code screenshots you create with Carbonize go exactly where you want them to. Use the app’s export preview windows to drag images onto apps and websites of your choice. Want to use them later? Save to desktop or any other spot on Mac. Your workflow defines the rules. Built on top of Carbonize is not affiliated with or Dawn Labs.

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